The Corvadar military is outfitted with the latest state-of-the art technology. whenever the IWA comes out with a new weapon, the Corvadar come out with something not nessecarily bigger but always better. From the rapid firing Pordacon Repeater to the Valoran Pulse Rifle, the Corvadar have it all. Even the lowest ranks of Corvadar soldiers are equppied with a primary weapon (normally a Prodacon Rifle) and a secondary Salmarn Pistol. They are covered from head to toe in bulletproof armor and have a hi-tech helmet that allows live video feed, night vision, thermal vision, biographies or facts, and up to a 20x tactical zoom. On their wrist they have a low-density energy shield that could be activated at the touch of a button. This shield may only offer temporary protection but is quite useful when running from cover to cover.

Corvadar soldiers are arranged according to their ranks so higher ranks can command lower ones. This form of Hierarchy is very useful when troops are on a pitched battlefield. As for Corvadar tactics, they are the best if not the most brutal. From Ghoul bombardents, Geosynchronis orbital lazering, to suicide Galatora charges, it is normally tactics that win battles.

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For the IWA military, the soldiers were also well equipped. Like the Corvadar, their helmets had video cam and a 20x optical zoom. Unfortunately, they left the night vision and thermal to their weapons rather than their screens. Instead of a wrist shield, IWA soldiers carried a heavier deployable shield. Although this shield had to be deployed and redeployed, it was much stronger than the wrist shield and could stand up to two grenades. Because of the IWA diversity, they were able to develop complex strategies combining the many nations in the IWA and were sometimes able to outwit their Corvadar opponents in a battle.

IWA soldiers were commanded by a general who actually participated in the battle. This helped give spirit to the soldiers fighting. To make sure the general didn't get caught up in the fight, he was given an optics screen that gave a tactical satellite image of the battle.

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