The Corvadar government is highy strictured and not very democratic. being a complete totalitarian government, the Corvadar are ruled by only a handful of important leaders. The head council member is Argdia, who is sometimes rumored to be a god. Argdia rigidly controls the next two important council members, Kordim and Raven. Kordim is second-in-command of the Corvadar government while Raven controls a large section of the Corvadar military. The next council members contain a few unamed but the council member Mucor is extremely important. Mucor was the original leader of the old Mucorian Empire and joined the Corvadar in hopes of regaining his power.

As for the social classes, military is priority one. All rations and supplies produced by the factories go directly to the military and leave few for the population. This not only keeps the armies well-fed, it allows other people to relish the chance to join up with the army and finally recieve good rations.

The IWA government, on the other hand, was very different than the Corvadar one. Citizens placed their votes in to an assembly and that decision was carried directly to the leaders of the IWA to decide on. Anybody in this form of government could be elected to the Assembly and make the laws. Unlike with the Corvadar, this government put its citizens before the military. This may have reduced the number of soldiers in the military but it increased their resolve knowing that they were fighting for the people at home.

After the war, the government divided the lands back to the way they were before the Corvadar started the war.

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