The Church started to first gain power on the poorer planets such as Talma IV and Frenza V. The people on these planets welcolmed the idea of reincarnation as a chance for a better life and the ranks of the Church swelled considerably, with the Priests at the head. Also attracted were planets suffering from the Ragerac scourge and welcolmed the Church's idea of being able to ward off the dead. As the Church gained power, High Priests began to delve deep into powerful governments and spread the religion through there. Some governments folded to the Church entirely and the Church took over several planets for themselves.

That was when things began to turn ugly. Once the Church got hold of several planets, the High Priests controlling these planets declared that they would turn them into Utopias that would protect its people from Rageracs and from the dead. Some planets lost their populations when these announcements were broadcasted, since devoted members commited mass suicide in order to join these Utopias. The IWA and the Corvadar believed that these religious extremists had to be stopped, no matter what the cost and began to wage war on planets controlled by the Church. The High Priests fell back to a circle of seven planets and began fortifying them majorly, declaring it all to be in the name of cleasning the recent Ragerac outbreaks. The IWA and the Corvadar subsequently attacked these infamous "Pure Worlds" hoping to take the fortifications for their own. The most famous of these Pure Worlds was Daxia Fortan.

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